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About Archetypal Astrology

The meaningful correlation between inner and outer events of one's birth and the planetary positions of the solar system provide a profound opportunity to peer into the very nature of humanity's psychological and spiritual dimensions. The cosmos is reflected in the human psyche, and the human psyche is reflected in the cosmos. Therefore, astrological inquiry empowers you to develop the capacity to become more aware of the unconscious forces that inform our actions, emotions, and life experience. By exploring our unique position within the interconnected and meaningful matrix of the archetypal cosmos, you are able to clarify, identify, and understand the rhythms and waves of your life's archetypal patterns so you may become informed, embody, and skillfully participate in the creative process of your life within an unfolding cosmos.


The form of astrology I practice comes from the discipline of Archetypal Cosmology, focusing on the geometrical relationships of our solar system's celestial bodies and their archetypal significance to the human experience. I hold a safe and confidential space for deep exploration into the inner workings of the client's psyche and spirit through engaged dialog, inquiry, and compassionate conversation. 

I offer readings online via Zoom video conferencing. After your session, you will receive a video and audio recording of the reading for your personal use and reference.


I offer natal chart readings, primarily focusing on the angular relationships between the celestial bodies that occurred at the moment of one's birth. The session includes discussing significant planetary transits—the activation of archetypal influences through the past or future movements of the planets in relation to one's natal chart


I also offer sessions for individuals who are working with holotropic states or sacred plant medicines by charting transits and planning holotropic journeys according to the upcoming archetypal atmosphere.


Additionally, scheduling an integration session may be useful to the holotropic explorer or any returning client for more insight, exploration, and assimilation of energies. 


Prior to your session, it is advised to read Richard Tarnas' Introduction to Archetypal Astrology to achieve a basic understanding of archetypal cosmology's terminology and concepts so that we may have more time to study your unique psyche, dreams, life path, and journey.


If you are more curious about Archetypal Astrology, I recommend the following resources: 

Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology

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